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I have been creating jewelry for women for more than 20 years, getting to know them, listening to them and sharing their inspiring and enriching stories. And this space gives me the opportunity to continue doing it and at the same time be a source of inspiration for them.


I want to present and invite women artists, mothers, strong women, adventurers, dreamers, professionals to share their visions. And so that it is also a place of mutual empowerment.


When I was about 10 years old my mother gave me a chain with three pendants. Only a few years later did I understand the emotional significance of this gem. But what was really important at the time was the feeling of security and protection it gave me. And at the same time I felt that I always carried a part of her with me.


Almost all women have a history in relation to jewelry, jewelry contains symbols, economic and emotional values

that speak of their memories, of meanings, of loved ones, of love. Anyway, I am very interested in knowing what stories are hidden behind the wonderful women ...

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