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Jimena Bello creates unique designs through handcrafted and traditional jewelry processes. All my pieces are carefully and individually constructed with love in my workshop in Berlin.


Each item is individually manufactured and tested. Due to this individual handmade assembly process, there may be isolated, minor differences in the same product group. This is what makes my products very beautiful and special. However, please keep in mind that handmade items are not exactly alike. There can be slight differences in terms of size and look.




I use American and European sizes for our rings. If you know your ring size using a rating from a different country, please have a look at this website to convert it to American sizes. If you don’t know your ring size, don’t worry, you can calculate it in a minute using one of these two methods:

If you have a ring. Use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the ring. Make sure this distance is the same at different points of the ring. Use the table below to find out the ring size that is the closest to the diameter you just measured. If you don’t have a ring. Cut a small strip of paper


- Wrap it around the base of your finger


- Mark the paper where it completes a circle


- Use a ruler to measure the length of the paper strip


- Use the table below to see which of our rings has the closest circumference to the number you just measured



The ring sizes are as follows:

                                 1. Inside Diameter.                                             Inside circumference


Europe           US Ring Size          Millimeters            Inches              Millimeters                  Inches                         

Ring Size

49                       5                           15.7                 0.62                        49.3                          1.94

52                       6                           16.5                 0.65                        51.9                          2.04

54                       7                           17.3                  0.68                       54.5                          2.15

57                       8                           18.2                  0.72                       57.1                          2.25

60                       9                           18.9                  0.75                       59.3                          2.35





We make bracelets and bangles in three different sizes.  To know what size you need, you can use one of these two methods:

1. if you have a bangle that fits you well:
Use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the bangle.
Make sure this distance is the same at different points on the bangle.
Use the chart below to find the bangle size that is closest to the diameter you just measured.

2.If you don't have a bangle:
Place your hand flat on a table, with no gaps between your fingers.
Use a ruler to measure the distance between the middle of the knuckles of your index and little finger.
Use the table below to find the inner diameter of our bangles that is closest to the distance you just measured.

                    1. Inside  diameter (approx.).                

       Size  Bangle            Millimeters             Inches                                 



            S                           62                   2.44                                       


            M                          65                   2.56 


            L                            68                   2.68                                             

My handmade jewelry is made from real, solid precious metals. Either silver, gold-plated silver, or gold. But the golden products are mostly gold-plated. I work with electroplating companies I trust and pay great attention to the quality of the plating. Plating is a galvanic surface refinement, through a metallic coating in different layers.


The durability of the surfaces is strongly dependent on the handling, care and storage of the piece of jewelry. Metal reacts to other chemical substances and compositions in the air and skin.

So that you can enjoy your piece of jewelry for a long time, we recommend that you do not bring the jewelry into contact with make-up, perfume or cleaning agents. Also, plated jewelry should not be worn during sports or bathing, as the surface reacts primarily to sweat. Over time and with frequent wear, traces of wear and tear will occur due to mechanical abrasion of the surface, as is the case with every commodity. Since rings are generally exposed to greater stress, the plating is much stronger than with bracelets or earrings.


Caring for:




• keep the jewelry closed in individual packs away from light or moisture.




• Avoid contact with chemical agents, pool or sea water, perfumes and shampoos.




• Whenever you clean your piece, use a soft brush, rinsing under running water and drying well




• check your jewelry regularly




When storing the jewelry, in order to avoid dulling or corrosion of the jewelry, it is important to store the jewelry in a dark and dry place (not in the bathroom). The best thing to do is to keep your piece of jewelry in the original Jimena Bello box that you receive when you buy it.



Most of my models can be gold-plated. The cost depends on the size of the piece of jewelry. Therefore, the costs must be determined individually in each case.

Please contact me if you have any questions, defects or potential defects. I am happy to help and always try to accommodate you.

My aim is to have happy customers. In the event of a production error, I will of course repair or exchange the item free of charge.

I assume no liability for normal signs of wear or defects due to improper handling. However, if possible, we offer a cost-effective repair service for our jewelry at any time.



If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at any time.



Jimena Bello

Berlin Jewelry Designer

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