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Introducing our stunning Chemistry armband, a piece of art that combines the elegance of silver with a modern, geometric design. Made from high-quality silver and silver plated, this armband exudes a minimalistic and clean aesthetic, perfect for any occasion. Whether worn alone or in a pair, the Chemistry armband is sure to complement any outfit and attract positive energy, following the law of attraction. With its unique and versatile shape, this armband is not always circular, offering a contemporary twist to traditional jewelry. Embrace the power of chemistry and add this elegant piece to your collection today.


  • Material: silver

    Measure: 6,5cm diameter approx. (interior)

    In the Photo the size corresponds to a hand of size M.

    We make bracelets and bangles in three different sizes: S, M and L.

     To know what size you need, you can use one of these two methods:

    1. if you have a bangle that fits you well:
    Use a ruler to measure the inside diameter of the bangle.
    Make sure this distance is the same at different points on the bangle.
    Use the chart below to find the bangle size that is closest to the diameter you just measured.

    2.If you don't have a bangle:
    Place your hand flat on a table, with no gaps between your fingers.
    Use a ruler to measure the distance between the middle of the knuckles of your index and little finger.
    Use the table below to find the inner diameter of our bangles that is closest to the distance you just measured.


    ​ 1.Inside  diameter                

    Size mm IN
    S 62              2.44          
    M 65 2.56
    L 68 2.68


    Please contact me if you need a special size